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 (Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images)
(Photo by Daniel Smith/Getty Images)

The Dutch Street Soccer team took home the World Street 3s World Cup on Sunday 25 September, after beating Denmark 4-2.

World Street 3s break the usual disciplines of soccer. With no goal-keeper, only three players on each team and a focus on the flair and performance during the game, World Street 3s is about showmanship and showcasing the players’ talent.

Eight teams, from Belgium, Denmark, England, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Italy and USA, took part in the inaugural competition at Soccerex Football Festival. With Belgium, England, Italy and the USA knocked out in the play-offs, the semi-finals saw Croatia take on Netherlands and France vs Denmark, resulting in a Netherlands against Denmark final and Croatia taking 3rd place.

The Dutch winning team of Edward van Gils, Mohamed Attaibi, Issy ‘The Hitman’ Hamdoui and Sofian El Adel, demonstrated the unique footballing skills needed for the fast paced action of street soccer, scoring over 25 goals throughout the tournament.

Distinctive to the sport, an additional trophy was awarded to the Flair Player, one who had displayed the best tricks, techniques skills during the match. This was given to Danish player, Jacob Corneliusen.

Around the Football Festival, freestyle football demonstrations from leading female freestyle football Liv Cooke and up-and-coming Keyl Skills took place, as well as additional games and activities for the spectators.

For more details and highlights, visit the World Street 3s twitter page – @WorldStreet3s